The feeding Process

"Montanheira" Stage

The Iberian Pig is raised under very particular conditions and it goes through a phase called “MONTANHEIRA” which is a period in which the animals are raised in the fields were the main ingredient in their diet are acorns that are in the fields. 

It hs a diet that consists on an extensive system of grazing in the fields of holm oaks. In this stage the animals graze in total freedom for 18 to 24 months.

They cover one area of 2 to 3 hectares per day, on the search of acorns and pasture, eating 7 to 10 kg daily acorn and herbs, fatter about 1 kg per day. The “Montanheira” phase depends heavily on climatic factors, but usually extends from the period of October to Marchc coinciding with the Acorn ripening period in holm and cork oaks.

Rich in oleic acid, the acorn is responsible for the fat that melts in your mouth and unmistakable aromas and flavors.