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38 Months "Bellota" Premium Iberian Pork Ham

Ham obtained from Iberian Pork reared in full harmony with nature, in a “montanheira” regime lasting 14 to 18 months. The Iberian Pig goes into “montanheira” weighing around 80 kg and gains approximately 90% of its original weight by eating 7 to 10 kg of acorn and grass every day, which causes a daily weight gain of around 1 kg.

This yields the Iberian Pork with most oleic acid (acorn or “bellota”) in its intramuscular mass, as it completes 2 cycles of “montanheira”. 38 Months “Bellota” Premium Iberian Pork Ham is of a darker tone, with a more intense taste and aroma, due to its oleic acid contents and a curing time of 38 months. These features make 38 Months “Bellota” Premium Iberian Pork Ham an ideal tasting experience for true lovers of Iberian Pork ham..



38 months natural Cure

Weight: (Aprox.)

8 Kg