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Hams and Front-leg hams

Producing and curing Iberian Pork hams and front-leg hams (“Paletas”) is the result of the perfect union between ancestral art and know-how and the incorporation of new technology in a controlled atmosphere that raised the quality of hams and front-leg hams to a higher degree.

The classification of hams is done carefully through biopsies that are performed on live animals by veterinaries and then analysed in accredited labs, that quantified the amount of oleic and linoleic
fatty acids present in the meat, in order to confirm the quality of the diet that animal had during the “montanheira” stage.

Only after this ham and front-leg ham classification stage is finished, may the process of producing Iberian Pork hams and front-leg hams begin. Hams are cured with a careful artisanal process that guarantees a delicious combination of distinctive taste and aromas.

In order to best enjoy our hams, we recommend that they be cut in very thin slices. Although Iberian Pork ham has intramuscular fat, its composition is very rich in oleic acid, an essential fatty acid (also
known as Omega 9), with benefits for human health and a role in the regulation of cholesterol levels, which gives the ham a natural shine, visible after it is cut into delicious slices.