Iberian Pig

The "Alentejo' s" Iberian Pig

Porco preto alentejano

The Iberian pig is an animal with dark skin, short hair, thin snout and long thin paws. It has a genetic trait that allows it to store fat in their muscle tissue and that is the key to the distinctive texture of its juicy meat.

This breed is exceptional and privileged by nature, and nowadays only found in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The breed is descended from the Iberian “sus mediterraneus“, wild boar or deriving from stem Iberian Romanesque. Due to their genetics and lack of crossings with other breeds, notes higher infiltration capacity of intramuscular fat. This explains the marbled ribs that give meat its unique texture and greasiness, and an unmistakable taste and aroma.

Historically preserved in Portugal, the Iberian breed is unique and valued worldwide for its real authenticity. 

The Iberian Pig with a diet that consists of an extensive system of grazing in the fields of holm oaks  in total freedom for 18 to 24 months, covering 2-3 hectares per day in search of available food such as acorn or pasture.

The Acorn regime that matches the intake of fresh herbs and aromatic plants, protein supplement that adds a gentle scent to their meat and there is no doubt the irreplaceable raw material to achieve the best meats, sausages and hams that we are pleased to make . This meat is the basis of our production. (Hams, iberian paio, Iberian Palaio, iberian loin paio, iberian Paiola, iberian paio do cachaço, smoked Sausages, smoked blood Sausages, iberian Catalão, iberian Farinheira and iberian belly bacon).

Meat whose color varies from pale pink and dark pink, depending on the age of the animal, has a fibrous texture and a little fat firm sometimes excessive the surface of carcasses. All our meats, such as Secretos, Plumas, tender Loins, Loins, iberian Presa, Ribs, chops, kebabs, etc.. which today are used largely on the our gastronomy throughout the country.